Three Important Tips for a Successful Bulk

A Successful Bulk is the Key to Unlocking your Physique’s True Potential

Bulking is an essential part of the bodybuilding lifestyle that can be either highly beneficial or extremely destructive. A successful bulk is when the body increases its overall muscular development and strength without hindering its performance and shape. An unsuccessful bulk is not pretty and usually ends with excess body fat accumulation, lethargy, and a noticeable lack of motivation. If you’re new to bodybuilding and want to know the best way to bulk, these tips will hopefully steer you in the right direction.

Bodybuilder Bulk vs Cutting


Mistake #1: Overeating

The most common mistake that beginners make when bulking is overeating. Even though eating everything in sight will make you gain weight, you probably won’t look that great unless you have a very fast metabolism. The best way to build quality muscle is by eating healthy foods in the right amounts; quality will always be better than quantity. If you want to be a bodybuilder, you need to think and act like one.

Bodybuilding Cheat Meal

Bulking has to be done carefully, intelligently and in tune with your body. The offseason is the best time of the year for a bodybuilder to experiment and see what works for him/her. Instead of indulging on junk food and empty calories, try to slowly increase your caloric intake by adding healthy calorie-dense foods that are packed with macro and micronutrients.


Mistake #2: Undereating

Believe it or not, undereating is a lot more common in bulking than you think. A lot of lifters just can’t accept the fact that being lean year-round is counterproductive and unhealthy. The offseason (bulking) is the perfect time of the year for developing your physique and exploding with power in the gym. If you’re constantly looking at your calories and limiting them so you don’t gain any weight; you will never progress.

Bodybuilding Dieting Salad

Don’t be afraid to increase your caloric intake and gain a little weight. As long as you’re working out like a machine without slacking off, your body will only get better. You’ve heard the saying that bodybuilding is a marathon and not a race, right? These words are 100% true. In order to bulk successfully you DON’T need to spontaneously add 1000 calories to your daily diet – just listen to your body and act accordingly.


Mistake #3: Cardio

Cardio should always be a common factor whether you’re cutting or bulking. Many lifters think that cardio should only be used when trying to lose weight and they are completely wrong. The reality is that cardio is one of the most powerful tools that a bodybuilder can use during his bulking phase. The benefits are out of this world and you will feel and look incredible.

Cardio Equipment at a Gym

By doing cardio while you bulk, you are keeping your cardiovascular health in check while making your metabolism work at a faster pace. These two factors are extremely important because they will allow you to put on quality size while improving your performance. By doing cardio you will able to eat more without having to worry about gaining too much fat.


Final Thoughts

Bulking is extremely easy and it definitely shouldn’t be something that you need to worry about. If you’re scared about messing up by eating too much or too little, you can always modify your game plan to suit your goals. Don’t be afraid to jump in and try new things; just be smart and plan ahead. If you manage to slowly increase your calories and do cardio at the same time, your workouts and physique will quickly improve. Enjoy your food, go lift some weights and most importantly, have fun.

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