Legal Sustanon Cycle Stack

Legal Sustanon Cycle Stack For Enhanced Muscular Development

Finding a high-quality legal Sustanon cycle stack that can actually compete with the anabolic steroid can be a difficult task for many people. Legal steroids are the leading option for athletes who want to maintain their natural status while being able to compete with enhanced bodybuilders. Not all legal steroids are created equal and that’s why it’s important to only use the best.

Today, I’m going to give you an inside look at two popular Sustanon alternatives that might be suited for helping you reach your desired bodybuilding goals. These products are part of the legal steroid family and aren’t anything like anabolic steroids or prohormones. Legal steroids are a new and improved line of bodybuilding supplements that deliver faster and stronger results.

The Truth About Legal Steroids: Read This Before You Continue!

When it comes down to legal steroids, plenty of bodybuilders firmly believe that they’re a scam and should be avoided at all costs. I’ll be completely honest and say that I understand where they’re coming from but this doesn’t necessarily mean that their claims are true. Sports supplementation is a billion-dollar industry that keeps growing by the day, yet some people also think that it’s a scam.

Shredded Physique

Here’s the deal, supplements just like legal steroids work, but not like most expect them to. These products don’t modify the body’s composition like anabolic compounds – they just enhance it. Results will be a lot slower when compared to those that steroids generate but they will also be completely safe and permanent. Your progress will highly depend on how hard you work for your results and how quick your genetics respond.

Crazy Bulk Testo-Max

Testo-Max is a legal steroid that works to generate similar benefits to those produced by exogenous Testosterone. The natural product formula combines a series of potent ingredients with the ability to raise the body’s Luteinizing Hormone and Testosterone production. As these processes are enhanced, so is the body’s willingness to promote protein synthesis, accelerate its metabolism, and build muscle at a faster rate.

As the body begins to raise its endogenous hormone production, other improvements will also be highly noticeable. Subsequent benefits implicated with the use of this supplement include improved strength levels, accelerated recovery, bettered mood and stamina – and higher libido.

Testo Max Sustanon

The ingredients used to create the formula are natural, potent, and effective. With that being said, in order for the product to work – it must be combined with a proper training and nutrition plan. Results will highly depend on how good of an environment you can create for Testo Max to work.

Testo-Max is completely natural and therefore legal and safe to use; let’s not forget that it’s a supplement, not a steroid. For the most part, most of the negative reputation that legal steroids receive has to do with the fact that people expect them to work like the real deal even though it’s impossible for it to happen.

Recommended Cycle

Daily Dose: 3 Capsules

When to Use: Take the capsules with a glass of water twenty minutes before your breakfast.

Recommended Cycle Duration: 2 months on and 1.5 weeks off.

Marine Muscle Trooper

Trooper is a legal steroid that’s very similar to Crazy Bulk’s – only a lot stronger and more limited. Marine Muscle is based out of the United States and contains ingredients such as DHEA that can’t be sold in other countries. Sadly, this places Trooper at a large disadvantage when compared to Testo Max.

Marine Muscle’s legal Testosterone supplement focuses on the same aspects as its competitor; these being building muscle, enhancing strength, and improving recovery. Bodybuilders who take this product are keen on using only the strongest product available to them. Even though Testo-Max is a decent product – it always manages to fall short when compared to Trooper.

Trooper Sustanon Alternative

At a quick glance, Trooper might seem like the smart choice for those who want to bulk up as fast as possible, but in some cases – it probably isn’t. Crazy Bulk’s product line is better suited for beginners and intermediates that don’t have much experience with supplements but want to begin a solid and well-balanced starter cycle.

Marine Muscle contains stronger ingredients and doses that will benefit those with more bodybuilding experience and who’ve built a tolerance to supplements. Plus, some of the ingredients (DHEA) are banned in certain athletic federations. It goes without saying that sometimes less is more and vice versa.

Recommended Cycle

Daily Dose: 3 Capsules

When to Use: Take the 3 capsules with a glass of water approximately 20-30 minutes before your breakfast.

Recommended Cycle Duration: For maximum results, use the product for at least 60 days. The company doesn’t specify how long you need to cycle on and off for.

Where Can I Learn More?

If you want to learn more about either of these products, I highly suggest that you visit the official company websites. There you can learn more about the specifics, pricing, and what makes their product selection unique.

Click Here To Learn More About Testo Max

Click Here To Learn More About Trooper  

Natural Bodybuilding Diet Tips For Building Muscle

Natural Bodybuilding Diet Tips For Building Muscle And Getting Stronger

Natural bodybuilding has skyrocketed in popularity over the last couple and years by appealing to the new generation of lifters who want to look good and be healthy at the same time. Contrary to popular belief, building a great physique can be done naturally with the right amount of hard work and dedication. Today, I’m going to go share a few natural bodybuilding diet tips for building muscle that will allow you to transform your body in a shorter amount of time.

Build Your Own Bodybuilding Food List

A crucial part of getting big and strong naturally is increasing your daily caloric intake. A lot of people wrongfully believe that in order to get big it’s necessary to eat everything that crosses our path; this is a huge mistake and will eventually lead to gaining unwanted body fat. If you want to gain quality weight (muscle) you need to think smart and focus on slowly raising your calories. Most experts would advise that you keep your fats low while steadily raising your protein and carbohydrates.

You don’t want to go overboard and you’ll want to pay attention to the foods that you’re eating. It’s extremely important to ignore the countless sample diets that float around online that “supposedly” belong to professional bodybuilders and athletes. Why do I say this? I’m telling you this because most of these “bro diets” are fake and typically recommend that you only eat chicken & rice, vegetables, and protein shakes.

Natural Bodybuilding Diet Tips For Building Muscle

A good diet should be diverse and rich in macronutrients as well as micronutrients. You don’t need to completely transform your eating habits to grow muscle; just increase the amounts of food that you’re already eating (a little) every couple of weeks. Create a list of foods that sit well with you and that allow you to make consistent progress without gaining too much body fat. Just because a pro bodybuilder says that a certain food is bad because it can cause bloating, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will do the same to you.

Bulk Up Slow

Next up on our natural bodybuilding diet tips for building muscle is the controversial topic of bulking. Depending on who you ask regarding what the correct way to bulk is, you will receive a ton of different answers that share nothing in common. With that being said, I think that most seasoned athletes can agree that dirty bulking is a complete waste of time for natural bodybuilders. If you’re not familiar with the term – dirty bulking is the name that’s given to the form of bulking that consists of eating uncontrollably. This dieting method is often recommended for hardgainers who struggle to put on weight.

Clean bulking is the complete opposite of dirty bulking and arguably the best way to increase quality muscle and strength. Putting on clean weight (slowly) will allow you to look and feel good as you add more size to your frame. Although dirty bulkers will gain a lot of weight (not muscle) in a shorter time period; they’ll have a very hard time cutting, not to mention that they will probably be disappointed with their overall progress.

Bulking Up

Instead of overthinking your bulk, just go along with it and take it slowly; there’s no hurry and you’ll learn to appreciate the journey that much more. Keep your food choices simple and don’t get frustrated if the scale doesn’t move as fast as you would like it to. Get your calories from clean food sources and don’t rely on junk food to gain weight, because if you do – you’ll feel lethargic and you’ll most likely regret it.

Don’t Rely On Just Bodybuilding Supplements

A final topic that I want to discuss – and is one that a lot of beginner bodybuilders need to hear about- has to do with the abuse of bodybuilding supplements. Younger lifters tend to look at workout supplements as magical potions that will allow them to get huge really fast; sadly, I was guilty of it too when I was still a teenager a few years ago. I firmly believed that a protein shake would be the difference between looking like myself and Jay Cutler, so what did I do? I drank them all day long.

I soon came to realize that the only thing that was getting bigger was my stomach and not my muscles. After spending a good amount of my hard-earned money, I took a step back and focused purely on my training and eating. I stopped taking supplements for a year and learned that these products weren’t that magical and that they wouldn’t make up for my lack of bodybuilding knowledge.

Bodybuilding Supplements

Supplements and legal steroids can definitely make a huge difference when it comes down to building a physique – but only when the person who takes them knows how the use them properly. If you’re still young and new to the sport, forget about supplements and focus on acquiring as much knowledge on the discipline as possible. Once you feel that you’re well experienced and want an extra push to develop your physique that much more – then it’s time to look into sports supplementation.

Marine Muscle General Review

Marine Muscle General Is A 100% Legal Human Growth Hormone Supplement

Marine Muscle General has quickly climbed through the ranks to become one of bodybuilding’s best-selling Human Growth Hormone (HGH) supplements. The popular supplement has the ability to raise the human body’s natural production while focusing on promoting enhanced muscle-building, strength, and recovery for demanding athletes. Although HGH supplements were previously believed to only benefit those who suffered from low production levels that naturally occur with age; they are now a popular supplement choice among bodybuilders and athletes of all ages.

Marine Muscle General

General (like all Marine Muscle products) is classified as a legal steroid. Legal steroids are a new breed of supplements that are designed to mimic the positive effects of anabolic steroids through a series of potent natural formulas. These products are a lot stronger than traditional supplements and offer a great solution for those who want great results without having to harm their body by using anabolic steroids.


  • L-Arginine
  • Hawthorn Berry
  • Horny Goat Weed
  • Maca Root
  • Mucuna Pruriens

Marine Muscle General Benefits

General is a natural HGH booster that can be used by demanding athletes from all sports backgrounds. Even though bodybuilders use it to increase their muscular development and strength while reducing their recovery times; anyone with the desire to better their physical appearance and overall health can highly benefit from this supplement.

There are also other people who have successfully used General to improve their overall quality of life and reduce the signs of aging. It’s a known fact that Human Growth Hormone Levels begin to decrease in humans after they reach the age of thirty. As the body reduces its natural hormone production; its muscular development and bone strength both begin to slowly diminish.

Couples Working Out

Low hormone levels will have a direct impact on the person’s stamina, endurance, and ability to perform demanding tasks; other side effects include trouble sleeping, low sex drive, and fatigue. These side effects don’t just show themselves all at one and usually take years to fully develop. Practicing an active lifestyle filled with exercise, clean eating, and appropriate rest can counteract these symptoms and naturally raise the body’s HGH production.

A good supplement can have a noticeable impact and stimulate the body’s pituitary gland into producing and releasing higher doses of Human Growth Hormone. It goes without saying that not all supplements are created equal and some are better than others, yet their effectiveness will ultimately depend on the person who uses them. In order for a supplement to work, it’s necessary to create a perfect environment for it to function as it should; if you exercise and eat healthy on a regular basis, General’s effectiveness will that much greater.


General was competitively priced at $64.99. The best-selling HGH supplement is currently only available to U.S. customers and is therefore not accessible to the worldwide market. The good news is that all orders apply for free, quick, and discreet shipping.

Who Is This Supplement Better Suited For?

At first glance, you could definitely make a case and say that this is a supplement that was made for hardcore bodybuilders and athletes. Marine Muscle is a unique brand that offers some of the strongest supplements available anywhere today; finding a supplement or legal steroid that comes close to this brand will be very difficult. Even though the company caters to hardcore individuals, their supplements can be used by anyone who is healthy and over the age of eighteen that wishes to try them.

Hardcore bodybuilder front squat

You can find comfort in knowing that this supplement is used by regular people who aren’t trying to get massive or become professional bodybuilders. Most Marine Muscle customers are regular people who enjoy being active and want to get the most out of their body in a natural and effective manner. I personally know how easy it is to get overwhelmed when searching for a specific supplement that performs a series of even more specific tasks. If you’re looking for the best HGH supplement in the market, Marine Muscle General should easily be at the top of your list.

Click Here To Visit The Official Marine Muscle Website And Learn More About General

The Truth About Love Handles

The Truth About Love Handles And How To Get Rid Of Them

The truth about love handles is a lot more simple than weight loss experts want you to think. For a very long time, losing weight has been viewed as a particularly difficult task that requires a ton of expert knowledge, time, and money. There isn’t a day that goes by where fitness personalities are promoting a new “groundbreaking” product or diet that promises to deliver results unlike any other. Some of these weight loss solutions are decently good while others are the complete opposite.

Being overweight can be a very frustrating situation for a lot of people – both physically and mentally. The good news is that weight gain is reversible and can be done by anyone who sets their mind to it. The name of this article was written to grab your attention; for some reason, a lot of people want to know how to get rid of love handles. Weirdly enough, most of them don’t really associate them (love handles) with being overweight, even though they are.

The Truth About Love Handles

The truth about love handles is that they’re a direct result of having above average levels of body fat. The only way to get rid of them is by lowering the body’s fat percentage by utilizing a solid meal plan, followed by a good training program. A lot of people don’t know this but all individuals store fat cells differently; this is why there are men and women out there that have love handles while being slimmer in other areas.

Bodybuilders are experts when it comes down to perfecting the body’s musculature and ridding it of body fat. Why am I saying this? Because you are currently reading an article on a bodybuilding website. Scientists and experts who share their “revolutionary” tips regarding working out and eating, got their ideas from bodybuilding practices that have been around for almost a century. If you want to get rid of those love handles and become the best possible version of yourself – you’ll probably want to read this till the end.

Getting Rid Of Love Handles With Proper Nutrition

The first step to getting rid of those annoying love handles is incorporating a healthy meal plan into your diet. This change doesn’t have to be drastic or extreme like most popular diet gurus make it out to be; you would be surprised at how much weight you can lose by simply taking note of what you eat in a day. Snacking and binging on unhealthy foods during the day is by far the number one culprit for gaining weight.

Start out by writing everything down that you typically eat in a day for a week; keep everything the same and don’t make any food changes whatsoever during this period. Doing this will allow you to better understand which specific eating habits are creating those unwanted love handles. Once the week has concluded, sit down and analyze your results. Moving forward you’ll want to slowly eliminate the negative food sources from your diet and replace them with healthier options.

Steak and Salad

It’s extremely important to not go overboard with it and do it slowly. If you try to eliminate all bad foods in one move, your body will have intense cravings and you’ll eventually go back to where you started. If by any chance you manage to withhold these cravings and eat completely healthy; your body will adapt quickly and won’t lose that much weight. If you instead slowly take out a few unhealthy food items from your day (every week or so) you’ll be able to keep losing weight consistently while keeping the cravings away.

It may be hard to initially grasp the idea but once you’ve been eating healthy your cravings will be almost non-existent and you will have a better hold on your health. Once you lose your desired amount of weight you will be able to enjoy “unhealthy foods” every now and then without having to worry about gaining weight. The secret to weight loss is very simple and it revolves around balance. Once you achieve your desired look and feel – it’s actually recommended to consume unhealthy foods as treats in order to maintain this balance.

Best Exercises For Eliminating Body Fat

In order to maximize the effects of any diet, it’s necessary to complement it with an exercise program. Although good eating habits are needed to get rid of love handles – a diet is only part of the solution. Exercising while maintaining a clean diet will supercharge your body and allow it to perform at a greater rate. If you do this you’ll lose weight a lot faster, your body will take an athletic appearance, and you will feel absolutely incredible.

As far as the best exercise for burning fat goes – there isn’t one. If you want to eliminate boy fat by exercising, you’ll need to practice a high demanding physical activity such as weight training. I know that a lot of people would rather jog, swim, or cycle – but they won’t yield the same results. Weight training builds muscle and strength, eliminates body fat, and drastically enhances the body’s stamina and endurance.

Good Squat Form

Although there are many ways to weight train – I highly recommend that you do your research and look for a free weight bodybuilding routine; it doesn’t matter if you’re a male or a female. Machines are great tools but they can’t compare in any way, shape, or form to free weights. Training will allow you to develop your muscles, gain strength, and feel better by stimulating your body and mind.

It’s recommended that you combine your training with a simple cardiovascular routine; it doesn’t matter if you want to hop on a treadmill or go for a jog, just do it. Doing cardio will accelerate the body’s weight loss, it will keep you nimble and flexible, and it will keep your heart healthy. Weight training combined with cardio burns more calories which will enable you to eat more food without having to worry about gaining weight; instead, these calories will go to the muscles and help them grow.


The truth about love handles is a lot more simple than fitness gurus make it out to be. It all boils down to exercising regularly while making healthy food choices; weight loss needs to be done in a slow, consistent, and balanced manner. I completely understand why a lot of individuals out there think that weight loss is a hard thing to achieve; the media has basically portrayed it that way.

I’m sure that a lot of you understand everything that I talked about within the article but have no clue on how to start; if this is the case, start out slow by analyzing your diet and joining a gym. Take time out of your day to do some research on work out and diet tips from a bodybuilding standpoint. Adding bodybuilding to the equation (or search term) will weed out mainstream content that makes no sense and instead bring out good articles with great detailed information.

Losing weight may not seem that complicated on paper but it requires plenty of time, effort, and dedication. Working out may seem a bit difficult at first but I’m sure that after some time you’ll absolutely love it and won’t want to miss a training session. Your body will also grow accustomed to the healthy food choices and you won’t crave “bad foods” as much. Don’t think about it too much and just have fun with it.

Deca Durabolin Health Risks

Deca Durabolin Health Risks And Uses

When bodybuilders think about the potential Deca Durabolin health risks – they don’t really see a noticeable cause for concern. Deca is popularly known to be one of the single most effective anabolic steroids in existence; finding an elite athlete that hasn’t used it is almost impossible. Nandrolone was one of the most overused anabolic compounds during the golden era of the sport, which inevitably left a lasting impression through time.Nandrolone Structure

Deca Durabolin (Nandrolone) is considered a mild drug by bodybuilders and is therefore commonly used for prolonged cycles that can last up to twelve weeks. Most bodybuilding athletes use it to build strength and gain serious amounts of muscle mass. Deca is administered via an intramuscular shot and is unavailable in oral form. It was first synthesized in 1950 for medical purposes which means that its use outside of this field is regarded as illegal.

Bodybuilding Benefits

Before Nandrolone was introduced to the bodybuilding community during the golden era of the sport; its use was predominantly limited to the world of medicine. Doctors would use it to treat and reduce the symptoms of cancer and aids; although its use has been substantially lowered over the years. Clinical studies have shown that its very effective in treating osteoporosis, anemia, and even some forms of breast cancer.

Deca Durabolin has been used successfully by bodybuilders (amateur and professional) for a very long time. Deca is considered an old-school drug and a staple in most beginner bulking cycles – it’s also approximately two-and-a-half times more anabolic than Testosterone. Although bodybuilders are the biggest advocates for steroid use – powerlifters, strongmen, and other competitive athletes use it to drastically enhance their performance.

Deca Durabolin Health Risks

As a performance-enhancing drug, Nandrolone has been scientifically proven to improve muscle growth, increase red blood cell production, and enhance bone density. Other benefits include bettered protein synthesis, enhanced IGF-1 production, greater nitrogen retention – and increased collagen synthesis. Some bodybuilders have claimed that it drastically reduces recovery times and promotes greater strength levels at the gym.

Unlike other anabolic steroids, Deca promotes joint and pain relief within the muscles, ligaments, and tendons. For this reason and the ones mentioned above – Nandrolone has become an irreplaceable performance hormone that will continue to be used as long as pharmaceutical companies are willing to make it. With that being said, this steroid doesn’t just generate these benefits for free – there’s always a catch.

Negative Side Effects

As mild as the Deca Durabolin health risks are played out to be – they’re still nothing short of serious. Using this steroid for prolonged periods of time can generate unwanted side effects that are irreversible and highly damaging to the user’s health. Even though bodybuilders will continue to use it for as long as they possibly can; the end will never justify the means.

Nandrolone is believed to be a lot more user-friendly than the rest of the PED’s and is therefore also popularly used by female bodybuilders; only to be surprised with its negative effects. Although this steroid is not particularly estrogenic; it has the ability to aromatize and generate water retention, gynecomastia, and high blood pressure. Acne, hair loss, and female virilization are other common side effects that users will potentially experience.

Bicep Curl With Dumbbell

Deca Durabolin is known to impact the body’s good cholesterol levels and drastically decrease them; this is particularly bad as it will have negative effects on the body’s cardiovascular health. Deca will also completely suppress the user’s natural testosterone production and will need to be complemented with a synthetic form of Testosterone. The body’s levels will never go back to normal and a post-cyle therapy such as TRT will be unavoidable.

Other side effects include:

  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Testicular Atrophy
  • Clitoral Enlargement
  • Hormonal Irregularities

Best Legal Alternative

Marine Muscle Enduro is a natural supplement that works as a legal Nandrolone alternative. This product stimulates a series of internal processes within the human body that are responsible for its development and performance. There are no needles or prescriptions involved and you should be able to notice great results in less than a month. The product formula is 100% natural and only uses the highest quality ingredients available.

Enduro Legal Steroid Review

Although it’s unrealistic to expect for this product to work like the steroid – its benefits should be more than enough to help any bodybuilder reach his goals. By using this product, you will be able to push your physique to its maximum natural potential while maintaining and improving your health. Here’s what you can expect by using Enduro:

  • Improved Muscle Mass and Strength
  • Quality Joint Protection
  • Enhanced Nitrogen Retention and Collagen Synthesis
  • Reduced Soreness and Recovery Times
  • Improved Energy Levels and Endurance

Results from Enduro will be linear and consistent, and will only be maximized when combined with a healthy diet and training program. Supplements (just like steroids) only work when the person who uses them combines them with a strict bodybuilding lifestyle. Enduro is arguably the strongest Deca Durabolin alternative in existence – it’s up to you to make it work. If you want to read the full review that we did on it, click here.


Deca Durabolin is one of the strongest and most popular steroids used by competitive bodybuilders and strength athletes. Although its anabolic properties may appear to be enticing – the health issues that come along with its use are not worth the hassle. Abusing anabolic steroids will eventually lead to a problem-filled lifestyle with strong negative repercussions.

If you want to enhance the look of your physique and better your athletic performance – do it naturally. Look for ways to get more out of your training and improve your diet as much as possible; this will inevitably lead to incredible results. If you want to take things one step further – you can always do your research and look into sports supplements, or legal steroids if you want something stronger.