The Best Way To Build Muscle

Only You Know The Best Way to Build Muscle

Any professional bodybuilder will tell you that there is no best way to build muscle. A workout style needs to be built around the athlete’s genetics and his/her response to food, training, rest, and supplementation. In order to maximize your results, you need to listen to your body and give it what it needs to grow – the only way to do this is by understanding the essence of training itself and how it can transform your body into something entirely different.

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The Key to Building Muscle

As the body’s muscle fibers are stimulated and stressed in the form of weight training, they have no choice but to heal, adapt, and grow.  Even though – in theory- building muscle seems pretty simple and straightforward, it’s a lot more difficult than it appears. Transforming a physique takes a lot of time, effort, dedication, and suffering.

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The human body is an extremely intelligent machine that adapts to everything you throw at it, including training; this is a challenge that bodybuilders face every single day. Arnold Schwarzenegger has said countless times that the key to growing is by tricking the body and constantly shocking the muscle. If you’re not consistently finding new ways to punish your body, you won’t progress.


Noob Gains

If you’re a beginner, anything that you throw at your body will make it grow; we call these noob gains. Even though these results come naturally, they sadly slow down after a couple of months. Once you hit your first plateau, it will then be time to begin experimenting and trying new things at the gym. I know that nowadays a lot of beginners look for guidance and follow the routines of famous fitness Youtubers, and even though there are better sources of information – it’s a good place to start.

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When my noob gains stopped, I looked up the routines of champion bodybuilders and tried them all. What I quickly learned was that my body only responded to a particular way of training; heavy. All of the experimenting and “wasted time” on different routines allowed me to get to know my body and understand what it needed to truly grow. Trust me when I say that as soon as you get to know your body and its response to working out, your gains will skyrocket; it’s just a matter of time.


Heavy Training vs. Light Training

As far as training goes you can either focus on training heavy or training light because, at the end of the day, all training programs and styles lean towards one or the other. Modern bodybuilders constantly talk about the benefits of training for a pump with a limited range of motion and how it allows them to stay injury free. The purpose of light/moderate training is to stimulate the muscle in a way that allows it to stretch and grow without adding unnecessary stress to it.

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Heavy lifting is a completely different approach that consists of pushing the body way past its limits. Training heavy is dangerous, risky, but (in my opinion) worth it. If I’m going to the gym I want to get as big and strong as possible, but don’t get me wrong – if I’m pushing myself, I’m going to use perfect form and take the necessary precautions to ensure that I don’t get injured.


Nutrition, Rest, and Supplementation

Believe it or not, training is only a small part of a large equation that’s needed to build a physique. If you’re constantly pushing your body, you need to make sure it receives the necessary attention outside the gym. Nutrition plays a crucial role in bodybuilding; if your body is not fueled with the proper foods and in the right amounts – it’s not going to be able to perform and recover as it should.

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Rest is also a very important factor that beginners often neglect. Muscle grows when it’s resting not when it’s being trained. You can’t expect your body to grow if you’re training it seven days a week because you’re not allowing it to fully recover; train smart and don’t be afraid to rest. Supplementation is also worth looking into as not everyone can be 100% during every training session. Having a little push that will allow you to finish your workout always helps.


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