Are These The Best and Biggest Bodybuilders of All Time?

The Biggest Bodybuilders in the IFBB

Bodybuilding has seen thousands of different physiques in its lifespan but none as large as the men that headline this article. All of these athletes have competed as professionals in the world’s most prestigious and competitive bodybuilding stage, the IFBB Mr. Olympia. Every single one of these bodybuilders built and earned their reputation through years of hard work and countless success. If you are expecting a list filled with Instagram celebrities, this probably isn’t the article for you. Let’s begin and find out who are the biggest bodybuilders in the IFBB.


Markus Ruhl

Arguably one of the biggest bodybuilders to ever compete at the Mr. Olympia, Markus Ruhl draws a crowd wherever he goes. Even though he never won the biggest contest in bodybuilding, the fan response said otherwise. As soon as Markus walked on stage to compete, the public would go absolutely crazy and be in disbelief of what they were witnessing.

Markus Ruhl Width


Height: 1.80m

Off Season Weight: 150 Kg

Contest Weight: 130 Kg


Ronnie Coleman

An eight-time Mr. Olympia and probably the most aesthetic mass monster to ever compete, Ronnie Coleman easily and quickly solidified his name in bodybuilding history. Known for his monstrous physique, intense training sessions, crazy strength, and likable personality – Ronnie Coleman was unbeatable. Some would say that he is the greatest bodybuilder of all time.

Ronnie Coleman Chest


Height: 1.80m

Off Season Weight: 145 Kg

Contest Weight: 130 Kg


Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler won the Mr. Olympia contest four times and is the man who defeated Ronnie Coleman; ending his 8-year streak. Jay is known as one of the largest and widest bodybuilders to ever compete in the IFBB. Even though Jay is now retired, he is one of the world’s leading ambassadors for the sport and a solidified legend.

Jay Cutler 4 Time Mr. Olympia


Height: 1.75m

Off Season Weight: 140 Kg

Contest Weight: 118 Kg


Gunter Schlierkamp

Known to the people as an uncrowned Mr. Olympia, many think that he should’ve defeated Ronnie Coleman in 2002. Gunter’s physique at his best was not only monstrous, but it was also aesthetic and proportional. When Gunter competed, he wasn’t just one of the biggest men on stage, he was the tallest. His massive frame would eclipse the rest of the competitors. How he placed so low that year is a question that fans still ask today.

Gunter Schlierkamp Side Chest


Height: 1.85m

Off Season Weight: 154 Kg

Contest Weight: 136 Kg


Big Ramy

Last on our list is Big Ramy, who, unlike the rest of the athletes on this list, isn’t retired. Big Ramy is still pretty new to the bodybuilding scene and his physique is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. His size, width, and proportions aren’t human. It’s still pretty early to say this but a lot of fans are confident that he will be the next Mr. Olympia champion.

Big Ramy vs Dexter Jackson


Height: 1.78m

Off Season Weight: 163 Kg

Contest Weight: 143 Kg



It’s clear the sheer size doesn’t win bodybuilding competitions. In order to be the best bodybuilder in the world, a combination of size, definition, and symmetry are needed. Do you agree with the list? Who would you add to it?

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